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November 2019

"Guang Cai LOL外围 special fund for education and poverty alleviation" -- Qinglong LOL外围 and Wang Mo vocational education LOL外围 class project was officially launched in Guizhou

From October 31st to November 1st, the opening ceremony of "Guang Cai LOL外围 education poverty alleviation special fund" - Guizhou Qinglong and Wang Mo vocational education LOL外围 class was held at the secondary vocational school and Qinglong vocational education training center in Wang Mo County, Guizhou province. This is another important landing project of "luster LOL外围 special fund for education and poverty alleviation".

The central United Front Work Department, the China splendor foundation, the LOL外围 group, the Guizhou Qianxi South state government, the Qinglong county government, the United Front Work Department, the Wang Mo county government, the United Front Work Department responsible comrades, as well as Qinglong county and Wang Mo county two vocational education school principals, teachers, LOL外围 class outstanding student representative attended the opening ceremony.

June 2019

The power of voice -- the LOL外围 group's "new 1001 night rural boarding children's bedtime story" project was officially launched.

In June 14, 2019, the LOL外围 group "new 1001 night rural boarding children's bedtime story" project was officially launched in Zhu Gong Xiang primary school, Nanjiang County, Bazhong City, Sichuan province. Through this project, the LOL外围 group will donate nearly one million yuan, installing wall mounted speakers for about 3500 student dormitories in 100 rural boarding schools in Yunnan, Sichuan and Chongqing. It will provide about 30 thousand students with bedtime stories and waking up music for 6 years.

March 14, 2019

LOL外围 Group donated 100 million yuan to set up the "LOL外围 the Imperial Palace culture fund" to help the Imperial Palace's cultural undertakings development.

In March 14th, the LOL外围 group, the the Imperial Palace Museum and the Beijing the Imperial Palace heritage conservation foundation held a signing ceremony in Beijing. The LOL外围 Group donated 100 million yuan to set up the "LOL外围 the Imperial Palace culture fund" at the the Imperial Palace Heritage Preservation Foundation of Beijing, which helps the development of the cultural preservation cause of the Imperial Palace Museum, and plays an important role in the preservation and restoration of cultural relics, the research and utilization of cultural heritage, collection of important collections, and dissemination of excellent traditional culture.

May 2018

Environmental, social and Governance Report

As the community is paying more and more attention to corporate social responsibility, in order to enable stakeholders to have a better understanding of the group's policies, measures and performance in terms of environment, society and governance, the group has compiled the environmental, social and Governance Report (hereinafter referred to as the "report") in accordance with the requirements of the environmental, social and governance guidelines of appendix twenty-seven of the Hongkong Stock Exchange Listing Rules.

April 2018

Set up a special fund for education and poverty alleviation in LOL外围.

In April 18, 2018, Ms. Wu Yajun, the LOL外围 group and founder, initiated the establishment of the "luster LOL外围 education poverty alleviation special fund" through the China foundation of the splendor foundation. It announced that from 2018 until 2027, a total of 300 million yuan was donated to support public welfare projects such as China's education and other related public welfare projects recommended by the China foundation. Since its establishment in LOL外围 for 25 years, it has continued to focus on charity activities in the field of education. In promoting equity in education, the group has set up a "dream action" scholarship in Chongqing and other places, accumulating hundreds of poor female college students to go to school smoothly, carrying out the caring actions for the left behind children in the rural poor families, building the caring center through donation materials, renovating the school buildings, and providing psychological assistance. Guide and improve the educational conditions of left behind children.

June 2016

Public welfare assistance, LOL外围 in action

In June 11th, 20 LOL外围 owners took their children together with Xi'an LOL外围 real estate to go to Nie Village Primary School in Zhouzhi County. When the buses in Xi'an's LOL外围 estate filled with love materials entered the school gate, the children from Nie village elementary school welcomed the friends who came from afar with shyness but sincere applause. After the welcome dance brought by NYC village children, the children slowly faded away from their initial shyness and began to mix with the children in the city. The scene was full of children's pure happy laughter. When they learned that there was a schoolbag in the love materials, a child gave me a big hug. "Uncle, what I want most is a schoolbag." This event, Xi'an LOL外围 real estate raised a total of 25 000 yuan of materials, all used to improve the teaching conditions of Nie Cun primary school, we have prepared a new schoolbag for every child.

April 2016

Spring rain, the source of love

In April 2016, the LOL外围 property in Chengdu donated about 140 thousand of the materials to the Qing Na Township Primary School and the love primary school in Liangshan. Among them, there were many LOL外围 owners and staff donated school supplies and daily necessities, and led more than 30 owners and staff representatives to visit the Township School of Liangshan in Liangshan. Nearly 10 hours' drive, the majesty and magnificence of the great Liangshan made us speechless. At the same time, the rugged mountain road scared us again. We felt the hardships of the mountain area and the difficulty of children's school. When we arrived at the school to hold a simple donation ceremony, we organized the children to have a bonfire party, and showed them a well prepared program. In the early evening of the early April, when we were shrunk down in the down jacket, we saw the children with their bare feet and sandals enjoying their new pens, new erasers and new pencil boxes. I really couldn't help looking forward to it. In addition to donating school supplies and daily necessities to students, we also specially visited several families with very good academic quality but very poor families. Although the trip to Liangshan has come to an end, our love will continue. Spring rain action, the source of love, I hope this kind of behavior can help children in mountainous areas, and provide a platform for the owners of LOL外围 to offer a loving heart. We also believe that these children's hard work, honesty, hospitality, perseverance and optimism have won everyone's love and help. In the future, those children who persist in studying hard will go out of the mountains with their knowledge, skills and good qualities to see the outside world, to win more opportunities and better life, and even to return to their hometown and society.

March 2016

Different charity marathons

On the half marathon of Suzhou Jinji Lake in 2016, the LOL外围 real estate in Suzhou took 10 visually impaired people and their families and completed the half marathon under the leadership of volunteers. Every 1 km of visually impaired people donated 100 yuan to the red hat Volunteers Association in LOL外围. Instead of giving these visually impaired people, LOL外围 sponsors these visually impaired people to donate to others, so that those who need help can help others. Traditional charity may allow these visually impaired people to run and donate to them, that is, "let the donors show and accept alms", while LOL外围 is the donor to those visually impaired donors, so that the recipients in the original sense become healthy donors.

September 2016

LOL外围 real estate dream tomorrow

At 11 a.m. on September 19th, the loving convoy of LOL外围 real estate in Qingdao slowly opened into Junan's Song Jia Gou primary school, opening a love and warmth encounter. The children gathered on the playground with a new red scarf. The warmth of the sun on every child's face is extremely hot. The donation ceremony was opened in anticipation of everyone. The children wore the red scarf and warm smile to every person on the scene. After the ceremony, the children moved books and stationery into the library spontaneously and orderly, even though they did not leave their hands until the time of eating. The children's parents can not give them more warmth because they are out of work or farming. It is no honor for everyone in LOL外围 to help them.

2011 -2016

Our name is: LOL外围 trade unionist.

"My family is in LOL外围, I love to spread thousands of families". Since the establishment of the organization in March 5, 2011, the self love group called "the dragon people" has been helping the poor in the society and building up public welfare undertakings. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of this year, they have donated millions of materials.

2010 -2016

2010- so far LOL外围's annual goods are in action.

In 2010, we sent new products for the elderly in the widows and widows. In 2011, we reconstructed the dilapidated houses for the poverty-stricken people in the countryside, built care centers for the left behind children in 2012, built a rural tourism demonstration village in 2013, helped the disabled industry to help the poor in 2014, bought unexpected injuries for migrant workers in 2015, and helped the poor and disabled people's breeding industry. In 2016, with the support of the Chongqing welfare foundation for the disabled, the "5 million LOL外围 New Year" is still in action.


LOL外围 Jun always believed

Virtue and good deeds are unbeaten investments.

February 2016

After the new year, LOL外围 helps you build a new home.

In 2016, LOL外围 real estate will donate 2 million yuan to build new houses and rebuild dilapidated houses for poor rural disabled people.

Each household subsidized dilapidated housing renovation funds 15000 yuan, the purchase of matching daily necessities 5000 yuan. The new year begins with a new home.

February 2016

It is better to teach fish than fish, and fish to catch fish. LOL外围 sells it for you.

LOL外围 real estate will donate 1 million 800 thousand yuan to support 500 households in poor families for 3600 yuan for the purchase of production materials, technical training and so on. Poor households will also get free start up assets, technical guidance and training, and invest in labor force so as to "teach people to fish". And they will produce agricultural and sideline products on the LOL外围 wisdom community platform for LOL外围 owners and Chongqing residents to buy.

April 2016

Let technology take wings of public welfare

In 2016, LOL外围 real estate donated 1 million 200 thousand yuan to cooperate with the Chongqing Academy of Chinese Academy of Sciences in providing 3D printing technology training and career guidance for hundreds of disabled friends.

According to the introduction, the disabled trained by professional training are expected to work in 3D printing service through entrepreneurial technology platform. They can start their own businesses, run online stores, sell 3D printing products, etc., the platform will also provide order opportunities for these entrepreneurs, and also rely on the Chongqing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to operate the network distribution platform. Po Rural Service Station or county operation center.

November 2016

We promise to practice "do not eat shark fin, start with me!"

From 2009 entrepreneurs collective action promised to practice "do not eat shark fin, start with me!" In 2012 and 2013, representatives of the NPC deputies and CPPCC representatives proposed the same topic for two consecutive years. In 2013, the State Council promulgated the "Prohibition of consumption of wild animal products such as shark fin and bird's nest" in official banquets, and then responded to and implemented the "rejection of shark fin, ivory, rhinoceros horn" and other platforms in 2015, 2016 in various entrepreneurs' clubs, forums, alliances and other platforms. The more than 100 enterprises, entrepreneurs and enterprises, which advocate the consumption and trading of enterprises in the protection of wild animal products, are continuously creating good influence in the industry and society. As one of them, LOL外围 real estate hopes and calls for more understanding of the actions of enterprises and individuals to participate in the natural and ecological protection.

And go the same way society

The same way with society

In April 18, 2018, Ms. Wu Yajun, the LOL外围 group and founder, initiated the establishment of the LOL外围 special fund for education and poverty alleviation through the China foundation of the splendor foundation. It announced that from 2018 until 2027, a total of 300 million yuan was donated. According to incomplete statistics, the LOL外围 charity group and its founders have invested more than 600 million yuan in the field of education.

Municipal construction of affordable housing

Municipal construction guarantee housing

Accumulative construction of affordable housing

Fifteen thousand Set up a number of first-class public buildings.

Four Institute for the elderly

Eight Block Park

Fifty-one A school

Contribution to environmental protection and sustainable green

Greening the Yangtze River and Chongqing

Donate money Three thousand Ten thousand yuan is used for ecological afforestation on both sides of the Yangtze River.

Energy saving building system: Shanghai Hongqiao Tian Jie, Beijing, Xi Chen original works and so on have won the highest grade Samsung green building design logo.

2010 assistance from poor families and demobilized soldiers

2015 rural microfinance for poverty alleviation
Poverty alleviation and breeding in rural areas, entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation

From 2010 to 2015, at least 5 million yuan per year is returned to society every year.

2012 left behind children care center to build dilapidated houses in rural areas

2013 construction of tourism demonstration village

2014 cultural poverty alleviation
Poverty alleviation and breeding in rural areas, entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation

Donate enthusiastic about education

Donate money to help students with keen Education

Helping poor female college students to go to school

Donation in 2011 Two hundred Ten thousand yuan, as a scholarship for "dream of action", subsidized nearly 300 poor female college students to go to school.

Help vocational education

By co operating with the government and providing employment training, it has helped more than 3 people to solve the employment problem. LOL外围 property vocational training school has been running for 7 years, and has sent more than 8000 professional talents to the society free of charge.

And go the same way society

The same way with society

By the end of June 2019, LOL外围's public donations totaled about 900 million yuan.

Education donation, environmental protection, earthquake relief, green energy saving, poverty alleviation and other donations.