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The investigation center of the group security innovation department is an independent investigation organization led by the board of directors, responsible for the maintenance of the company's anti fraud channels and the investigation of the cases. We carry out anti fraud work in the light of the responsibility of the board of directors and the informants.

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No. 5, Anding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Building 20, Zhongjian wealth International Center, building 3.
Addressee: head of safety innovation department investigation center
Zip code: 100029

No complaints about non fraud related customers.
Please follow these procedures.

Customer complaint channel


Tips for reporting

  • LOL外围 group's code of conduct

    For the LOL外围 group's bottom line requirements for employees' ethical behavior standards. Learn more

  • Reporting scope

    "Honest reporting" is limited to LOL外围 staff's violation of the LOL外围 group's code of conduct for business behavior. Other complaints should be passed through the official website of LOL外围. customer service Customer hotline solution.

  • Reporting responsibility

    1. informants shall abide by the laws and regulations of the state and shall not impair the legitimate interests of others.
    2. the content of the report should be objective and fair, and it should not fabricate or distort facts, nor frame others.

  • Important hints

    1. we encourage real name reporting. We promise to keep confidential the personal information and the contents of the reports, and give timely feedback to the survey results.
    2. the informant should explain as far as possible the basic course of the matter, the name, address and specific party of the object, and provide evidence or other relevant information that has been infringed upon by the interests of the people or the company.

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