LOL外围 starts "Tian Jie warming heart welfare action"
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In April 10th, the LOL外围 group launched a "good time, happy day street, warm heart and welfare action" for consumers of its 39 shopping malls. The event will take 16 days. During the period, LOL外围 will combine many brands of merchants to distribute tens of millions of multiple consumption benefits across the country, and create a variety of thematic activities to provide consumers with warm welfare and meet consumer needs after the epidemic stage.

 LOL外围 launched the "Tian Jie warm heart welfare action" <br/>
39 shopping mall shopping and welfare delivery.

The consumption benefits distributed in LOL外围 are divided into good time coupons and happy energy packages: good time coupons, 50 yuan from 0 yuan in the whole country, covering the gourmet catering and retail formats, blue frog, goose lady, Nanjing stalls, riverside towns, and Yun Hai dishes and other quality brands, and can be widely used in the participating businesses. The joy energy pack is superior to more than 4000 cooperative brands. Choose the major welfare voucher to form a thousand yuan value voucher package and distribute it to the consumers.

After the official launch of the "Tian Jie warming heart welfare action", the welfare of the 10 cities and 39 shopping malls in LOL外围 will be attacked. Consumers enter the "LOL外围 Tian Jie" small program, enter the corresponding shopping mall page, rush to purchase the above welfare coupons, get the welfare voucher will automatically enter "my card voucher", when participating in the activities of merchant consumption can be used.

In order to let consumers get a warmer shopping experience, LOL外围 also has diversified activities in various shopping centers during the welfare action: Hangzhou, hand in hand to drop off, provide exclusive travel discount package, speed up day street, Shanghai Suzhou, hold hot gas pot Festival, step in spring, pet adoption, "enjoy the natural" class, and other activities; Beijing launched Tian Jie Yun show and Smile Direct broadcast studio; Changzhou, Nanjing to create spring shopping live Festival; Chengdu Xi'an launched the southwest super warm heart welfare action "crazy for 8 hours" to experience the shopping trip.

LOL外围 said that with the epidemic becoming stable, the mood of public anxiety has gradually eased, and the good time being suspended has been revival. After the company returned to its orderly operation in its shopping malls, it learned the demand ahead of time, and joined many brand businesses to launch the warm heart welfare action, hoping to promote consumption growth with practical actions and the consumption demand of residents in the epidemic stage after the good service.

At the same time, this is also a symbiotic and win-win move between LOL外围 business and the vast number of merchants during the epidemic.

Previously, LOL外围 had halved the rental costs for all its shopping malls from January 25th to March 31st. In order to help businesses alleviate their operational difficulties, LOL外围 took the initiative to introduce resources from financial institutions such as CCB and China Merchants Bank to provide low-cost support to businesses. In addition, LOL外围 also made use of the first mover advantage to establish multiple online links between businesses and consumers, communities and live broadcast. The demand of consumers also helps businesses improve their performance.

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