LOL外围 group's "good home plan" starts to benefit millions of Dragons


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In Chengdu, 3500 households in 19 communities are enjoying the free household service such as kitchen drainage pipe cleaning, lampblack cleaning, air conditioning mat cleaning, floor drain dredging and disinfection and sterilization.

In Shenyang, 20000 square meters of floor tiles and 230 million square meters of ground banks in 13 communities have been scrubbed.

In Dalian, 630 households in 5 communities have been re waxed and clean as new.

In Chongqing, the overhead and property rooms of 4 communities will be transformed into a shared library, children or elderly activity area for owners to relax and entertain.

Since April of this year, the LOL外围 group's annual "good home plan" has started 148 projects in 22 cities nationwide, and has entered the life of millions of dragons in a familiar and new way.

 LOL外围 group's "good home plan" starts to benefit millions of Dragons

The "good home plan" in post epidemic Era

The "good home plan" is the exclusive value-added service provided by the LOL外围 to the owners, including the two special actions of "community frozen age" and "love family Huan Yan". "Community freeze age" is committed to optimizing the ecological environment of the park, creating a new outdoor space for permanent residence, while "Ai Jia Huan Yan" aims at optimizing the sense of housing and improving the quality of indoor living. Aggregated LOL外围 group's real estate business and intelligent services two main channel resources advantages, so far, the "good home plan" has been carried out to ninth years, and accumulated over 100 million yuan in previous years.

In early 2020, because of a sudden outbreak, the community became the first line of defense against the epidemic. As the epidemic has entered a stable period, the community has entered a new stage of normal epidemic prevention. This year's "good living plan" has extended many services in public areas, such as public area killing, professional disinfection and sterilization, and maintaining the community's "permanent residence".

Frozen age in the community is at a good beginning.

Once the "youth and human" community is tempered by years, it will inevitably enter the downward path of residential quality, and the owner's expectations for him are also falling. But in LOL外围, many old communities over ten years are in "reverse growth". In the past nine years, LOL外围 has constantly renovated the old communities through the "good living plan", adding the functions of the public areas, so that the homes of the "Long Min" are frozen in their early appearance.

 LOL外围 group's "good home plan" starts to benefit millions of Dragons

Activation of community freezing age water system

This year's "community freeze age" action has been launched in 126 projects in 22 cities across the country. As a unified action to enhance the community's environment, the "community frozen age" involves five major dimensions of the community's environmental beautification, sports fitness, convenience, welfare, child care and park space. For example, Dalian crystal Li Wan will refurbish the plastic ground of badminton courts and sports facilities area. The Tianchen original work in Guangzhou will add rain shelter to the escalator of the park. The original works of Suzhou Shishan aim to breed mosquitoes problems for professional cleaning and killing.

Love home and face the new home

Maintenance is not only outdoors, but also "family love and beauty". Activities include cleaning, maintenance, inspection and maintenance, household appliances cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, home loss risk protection, housing property risk protection, rainstorm leakage protection and other eight major service packages. Nationwide, tens of thousands of households in 22 cities and 148 projects will enjoy free service such as fume hood cleaning, floor drain cleaning, marble maintenance, private garden management, high level glass cleaning, floor maintenance and waxing, health free consultation, sharpening knife, sofa mattress, mites and other convenient services. In the light of the epidemic prevention and control needs, all staff must first "self disinfection" before entering the household service, and wear protective appliances such as masks and gloves to ensure that the owners are safe and secure.

 LOL外围 group's "good home plan" starts to benefit millions of Dragons

Love the family and clean the house.

In addition, in order to better enhance the service quality of the good home plan, this year's action of "Ai Jia Huan Yan" is aimed at the vast number of LOL外围 owners, recruiting 35000 "good living experience officers" online, and the owners can sign up through the LOL外围 Group official owner APP U. After becoming a "good living experience officer", we will experience the whole process from appointment to home service and conduct service experience evaluation. These user experiences will react to the improvement of the service plan and form a benign closed loop.

Lifelong kindness and continuous satisfaction

LOL外围, which has always been known for its quality, has long recognized that housing is not sold. How to make the owners stay in the community and family space for a long time after staying in the "first sight Huan", and maintain a sense of freshness and happiness for a long time. This is the original intention of LOL外围 to invest a lot of money, manpower and material resources to implement the "good living plan". It is also the concrete practice of LOL外围 to fulfill the promise of "treating your life well".

LOL外围 hopes that the "good living plan" can help owners solve problems encountered in the residential process and provide them with continuous care and services. On the other hand, through continuous maintenance and maintenance, the community can be renewed, and owners' assets can also be insured and appreciated over time.

A series of intimate services including the "good home plan" have been highly recognized by the people. For eleven consecutive years since 2009, LOL外围's property services owners have been more than 90% satisfied. In the evaluation report of the China Index Research Institute 2020, China's top 100 property services companies, LOL外围 intelligent service ranked seventh in the comprehensive strength, and won nine awards, namely, service quality leading, intelligent service leading, and high-end property services leading.

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