Super strong dragon wind ahead of landing in China
"66 days Street joking Festival" wonderful comprehensive opening


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In May 28th, the "dragon voucher action" launched by the LOL外围 business was officially launched into the national campaign with mass welfare. 39 shopping malls under the 10 cities of LOL外围 will distribute millions of consumer coupons to the market with the strongest efforts of the market, so as to support the increasing demand of consumers.

 Super strong "dragon ticket wind" early landing nationwide <br/>
 "66 days Street Huan robbing Festival" wonderful comprehensive opening

With this super strong "hurricane" ahead of the store, there will be more diversified consumption benefits, better service experience and more powerful atmosphere of joy. LOL外围 commercial original IP activity, the 66 day street festival, will also be kicked off.

Million tickets for consumption
10 cities 11 days continuous distribution

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has caused people to go through a period of confinement for several months. Now the epidemic prevention and control are becoming stable.

Adhere to the customer centered LOL外围 business, keen to observe this trend and take the initiative to take action.

In May 28th, LOL外围 business officially launched the "dragon ticket wind action" in 39 shopping malls of 10 cities in the country. It will distribute a total of millions of consumer coupons in the 11 days over a long period of time. The total volume of vouchers has reached the highest level in view of the different needs of consumers. The type of consumer coupons covers 59 yuan, 100 retail coupons, 66 groups, 100 food coupons, 860 groups, 1000 large single coupons, etc.

To suit the current consumption habits of the masses, this welfare action LOL外围 chooses its own platform "LOL外围 Tian Jie" small program, as well as the simultaneous release of the external platform public comment network, which not only revitalize the private area traffic, but also increases the public domain traffic, so that a wider consumer can get online convenient group tickets and enjoy the happy hours of eating, drinking and playing Tesco under the line.

66 day street joking festival to upgrade
Multiple surprises ignite early summer

In the early June, LOL外围's commercial blockbuster national joint marketing campaign -- the 66 day street festival will be on time. This year, there is a "long coupons wind" action ahead of schedule and heavy lifting. The outside world has a higher expectation for the upcoming 66 day street festival.

It is reported that from May 28th -6, 7, the third quarter, 66 days, street festival will be held in 39 shopping malls in LOL外围. On the basis of continuing to advocate "Walking Street" healthy and happy lifestyle, this season, joyous festival will upgrade the concept of activity to "FUN take a stroll", and comprehensively improve the consumption atmosphere and user atmosphere. In time to meet the epidemic situation, the public has relaxed the psychological needs of shopping, playing and playing.

During the event, besides the LOL外围 business launched the strongest selling coupons in the history, the major brand merchants also jointly released the biggest shopping discount in the year, the lowest 6 fold in the whole market, the total consumption was FUN heart blessing bag, and after 8 o'clock, there was more night fair welfare upgrade activities, and consumers' long overloaded consumption enthusiasm could release the whole day.

For members, this event not only set up 6 times integral points, but also made many other intimate designs: cross border cooperation in LOL外围, and extended the service radius for consumers. The people who registered the members of the Tian Jie Street started off with the lowest rate of 50 percent off on the basis of the integral exchange of drop coupons. At the same time, the members of Tian Jie purchased the products designated by HUAWEI Street Sisyphus, and they could enjoy the exclusive discount.

Because of its strong resources and technology advantages, LOL外围 also builds online and offline shopping scenes for consumers. Under the line, Tian Jie's famous brand makes flash shop. The trend goods are the first to experience. Online, Tian Jie joint KOC builds online brand days, invites KOC as the "66 day street chief cargo Officer" live with goods, catering, food, cosmetics, costumes, 3C digital and other good quality goods. Bring new interesting consumption experience to the public and different street fun.

More wonderful, see the activities of LOL外围 shopping malls everywhere.

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